Choosing the accomodation

P1560606Finding the value for money accommodation for the trip can be a challenge. I would like to share with you my experience. When booking in the new place for the first time, first of all I try to understand the place: the location of the tourist attractions I want to visit, attractiveness of the city regions, public transport availability. I also bear in mind the length of the stay. If it is three nights or more I am considering also renting the apartment. It is also important to bear in mind if you are staying on weekdays or weekends. Business hotels tend to be cheaper on weekends, tourist hotels are more likely to be cheaper on weekdays. Then I am looking for the particular hotel or apartment in the chosen area. I check the reviews in, especially paying attention to the pictures. Then I check the accommodation prices on the website. It was easier to do that some time ago. Recently I have noticed that not all the prices on this website include taxes. Because of this I have to double check that. My loved city is London. I have stayed in London hotels many times and I feel that making the right hotel choice there is not easy. I pay the special attention to the room size in square meters because there are lot of hotels with tiny rooms in London. I check that on the website even if I make the actual booking on the different website because of the better price. My first choice in London is Travelodge chain hotels if their offered price is up to 60 GBP per night. I find Travelodge hotels predictable offering plain, clean and comfortable enough rooms. I consider it value for money deal then. If the price is higher, I am looking for something else. In those cases I end up paying from 90 to130 GBP per room per night for the better quality than Travelodge. My findings in this price band in London are: Dorsett Shepherds Bush on 123 GBP per night (2015), without breakfast, the Hoxton Shoreditch 49 GBP per night (in 2010 ), Dolphin House serviced apartments 104 GBP per night(2015) at their own website. I have many times considered staying in Lancaster London hotel (from 116 GBP), but so far never did so.

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